A high-performing sales and marketing process is fundamental to a successful company or organization.

Each client will benefit from our detailed experiences when seeking the advice and counsel of our unbiased, third-party consulting service, especially within the eight major pillars of deeply-developed focus areas, including:

  1. Hotel-specific Sales and Marketing Analysis and Consultation

  2. Keynote Addresses & Speeches

  3. Sales and Marketing Franchise Management Company (FMC) Review and Analysis

  4. Temporary bench Assignments as Sales and Marketing Leadership or Hotel/GM Leadership

  5. Professional/Life Coach for FMC Sales & Marketing Executives

  6. Sales Skills Training Classes

  7. Hotel Opening Process Training/Execution Support for Maximizing Brand Sales and Marketing Resources

  8. Understanding and Capitalizing on Brand/Flag Resources for New Owners and Franchisees

  9. Content Management & Planning for FMC Annual Conferences and Meetings

Please review the Services section of this website for detailed descriptions of the above offerings, or contact us to learn more about how Farrar Consulting can benefit your company or organization.

Ensuring that both the broad strategies and actionable tactics are executed flawlessly is integral to exceeding revenue goals. Farrar Consulting, LLC specializes in all aspects of sales and marketing in the lodging industry, including detailed hotel-specific activities and hospitality Industry-wide principles. Providing third party expertise, Farrar Consulting, LLC helps ensure all opportunities and avenues are discussed, investigated and pursued when appropriate, highlighting the strengths of any staff with skills learned through 37 years of knowledge and experience. 


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