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Company Profile

Farrar Consulting was established to bring creative revenue thoughts and recommendations to hotel owners and franchisees. Each asset and brand flag are uniquely different and require a broad sales and marketing background to analyze and provide innovative and strategic solutions.

with 37 years as a Marriott Sales and Marketing Executive, Farrar Consulting looks at each assignment as a personal challenge. He is known as a no non-sense, candid, straight shooter. Understanding sales processes, market/property data, demand forecasts, demand generators, business development, sales team behavior tendencies (right people for the right job), sales team chemistry and market conditions allows him the ability to find new key revenue obstacles and improvement recommendations. Though not a terribly difficult business, careful thought tempered with an unbiased opinion is required along with a strong dose of persistence.

Richard is working for his alma mater, Michigan State University, as an Alumni Industry Connector for The School of Hospitality Business"

Led by founder and principal Richard D. Farrar,