4) Temporary bench assignment as Sales and Marketing Leader or Hotel/GM Leadership:

Farrar Consulting provides an owner or franchisee a natural leader whose skills include a strong customer focus and key associate development experience. An extremely ethically-minded, proven executive who will provide fiscal responsibility and fiduciary oversight.

7) Opening Process for maximizing brand Sales and Marketing Resources

Richard led Marriott's North American "Openings" Team for over 11 years. He and his team successfully opened/converted over 1,000 Marriott Lodging Products since early 2000; his specialty and focus being Sales and Marketing. Ramping revenue quickly is paramount in this tough environment.

8) Understanding and capitalizing on Brand/Flag Resources for new Marriott Owners and Franchisees

Farrar knows Marriott, its executives, its resources, its processes, its culture, its formal and informal workings and network, its inner workings and how to navigate the corridors of the Bethesda corporate headquarters. Use his knowledge, skill set and relationships to help your company take advantage of this new and expanded business arrangement.

2) Keynote Addresses & Speeches

Mr. Farrar has addressed many conferences, commencements, graduation, and university classes. His material ranges from leadership to Sales/Marketing to Creativity & Innovation (See video clip on home page). He is pure ESFJ... direct, realistic, specific, down-to-earth, tenderhearted, appreciative, energetic, gregarious, resolved, controlled, and well structured.

The Core of Our Services

Farrar Consulting relies on 37 years of Marriott International Sales & Marketing, Operations and Meetings & Events experience to offer clients multiple opportunities for improvement and success.

9) Content management for FMC's annual conferences and meetings

Richard helped craft the content outline for some of Marriott International's largest and most important meetings and conferences from 1998 through 2010. Examples of his handiwork and involvement include MINA, Marriott's CFRST Owner Conference, Marriott's Executive Orientation, Marriott's Marketing & Operations Franchise FORUM, Marriott's semi-annual CFRST Sales and Marketing Orientation Workshop, along with personal involvement and direction of the following Marriott Advisory Boards: MINA, Full Service Marketing Communications Council and the multi-brand ecommerce Council. He develops messaging that considers the audience's perspective and challenges speakers to be creative, thoughtful and aligned.

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Catering Venues
  • Site Visits
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategic Selling
  • Sales Relationships
  • Outside Sales Calls
  • Maximizing Brand/Flag Resources
  • Prospecting
  • Negotiating
  • Time Management
  • Planning for Success
  • Persistence
  • Improving Closings

5) Professional/Life Coach for FMC Sales and Marketing Executives

Richard Farrar of Farrar Consulting has been a Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for 40 Marriott Hotels and a VP of Owner & Franchise Services responsible for 200+ Marriott Lodging Products. With all of the knowledge gained in these roles, these skills can be used to coach and mentor new FMC Sales and Marketing Executives.

  • Visitor Centers + Attractions
  • Convention & Visitors Bureaus
  • Clubs

1) Sales and Marketing analysis and consulting for specific properties:

Services include complete analysis of the Sales and Marketing process, associate development, market and property data, as well as marketing plans, quarterly action plans for sales enhancements, revenue management and ecommerce. Location/venue experience and expertise includes:

6) Sales Skills Training

Take advantage of Farrar's extensive knowledge of the 'sales' process and his years of teaching various corporate sales schools, as well as at the college undergraduate and graduate level. Full day of training sales skills includes:

3) Sales and Marketing Franchise Management Company (FMC) review, analysis and recommendations to include:

Expertise and opportunities similar to the above. Includes a holistic review of the above property strategies, execution and personnel. Ensure strategic alignment to maximize FMC strengths and brand/flag resources.

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